Barbara Klemm
Second winner of Leica Hall of Fame Award

The Leica Hall of Fame prize was awarded to Barbara Klemm during the "LEICA. DAS WESENTLICHE" event in Berlin. Her images document essential moments that remain engrianed in our collective memory. In recognition of her work, the internationally renowned photographer will receive a Leica camera of her choice. This camera will be truly one of a kind, as it will have information about the prize itself and Barbara Klemm's signature engraved on it and preserved for posterity.

"Everything I can do, I've learned as I've gone along. I was lucky to be able to get to grips with lots of interesting topics at the FAZ. I always went for broke and tried to do my best."


“As a long-standing editorial photographer for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Ms Klemm has been a driving force in reportage photography. She has documented a range of often short-lived events in politics, the economy and society with her unique take on the elements that make up the essential aspects of an image, a talent that few other photographers have,” said Dr Andreas Kaufmann, chair of the supervisory board of Leica Camera AG, giving the reasons for the award.

“In her portrait shots, she shows the respect she has for personalities and situations. This is just one of the reasons why she is an exemplary photographer and the photographs she takes with her Leica make her a deserving recipient of the ‘Leica Hall of Fame Award’.”

From 1959 onwards, this eyewitness to history worked for the FAZ and from 1970 to the end of 2004, she was a full time editorial photographer specialising in politics and features. Whether a student movement, the Cold War, the fall of the Wall or the Kohl era and modern Germany - Barbara Klemm has shot the defining image.